Many Christians think that we who love the Lord should not engage ourselves in worldly concerns. Politics seems almost like a tainted word to these brethren. Of course they would be right about that. The more I’m seeing into the entrails of politics, the more dubious it all looks. But then I would say to my fellow-believers that the Word of God has already told you that this is a world lost in the grip of sin, and that only the blood of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, can help us.

And that is why engaging ourselves in politics, or anything else that grips our minds and our various interests, is important. Be the light of the world, wherever you work or play.

What would government look like if all born-again believers withdrew . . . had no input, no influence at all. What would education and health-care look like if Christians left their faith at the church door, and lived as though God did not exist in the real world?

My name has been used as a byword, despised by people who think morals have no place in the public realm. So while the church folk consider me too left-wing, the lefties consider me too religious.

To those of you somewhere between those two extremes, I’d like to say that I am neither left nor right. I only want to live my life in the light of the God of all truth. The day will come when I stand before Him, my creator, redeemer, sustainer and ultimate judge.

So it does not matter to me what label someone is wearing on their lapel, or what sign hangs over their shop. It only matters that I follow wherever the truth leads. Sometimes that means the pagan is more honourable than the Christian.

So then, if you are looking to vote someone onto Abbotsford City Council who is neither Liberal nor Conservative, neither left nor right, but who wants only to be anchored in truth, consider voting for Peachey on Nov. 15.

The job of a mayor or councillor demands a degree of wisdom, but we have almost 1,000 staff hired for their education, their expertise and skill in all the jobs needed to make a city function smoothly.  Engineers, city planners, finance, the trades, parks and recreation, and all of them are under the guidance of our city manager.

But all of the collective wisdom and skill of hired staff, depends somewhat precariously on the whims or foibles, or wisdom of an elected mayor and council,………NONE OF WHOM HAVE TO DISPLAY ANYTHING MORE THAN THE ABILITY TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC TO VOTE THEM INTO OFFICE.

The job of mayor and council is not religious in nature. It is about working to ensure the area under their governance is kept safe and clean.  Council is responsible to see that public roads, sewer, water, parks, police, etc. — the infrastructure in place for the common good — is kept in smooth running condition.  Council is not there to subsidize private business, not ever, because then politicians decide which businesses make it easily, and which businesses not in their favour must make it on their own abilities.

Why should council get to take money from the taxpayer’s hard-earned wages and dispense those dollars to ……… to whom?  To those who lobby hardest, to those who do favours under the table?  No private business ventures should have access to public money, unless the reason is crystal clear, like maybe a sub-contract for building, maintenance or repair, something city staff is somehow not equipped to do.  But ALL MONIES paid out to private business from the public purse must be made known to the taxpayer.  No granting of contracts that allow the weasely cloak of secrecy called ‘proprietary information’, or ….. you who pay the bills must first beg the ‘third-party’ as to whether or not they will allow you to see where your money went, and why.

So it matters a lot that people spend time getting to know all of the people running for office, at any level of government.  What is most concerning in local elections is the awful apathy on display.  The News survey question of the week asked, “Are you planning to vote in the upcoming municipal election on Nov. 15?” Of 164 respondents 84% replied YES.  That’s a really wonderful percentage.

Of course that is only representing people even motivated enough to think about the election.

Let’s make the ultimate sacrifice this November.  Let’s turn off the sports, the weekend in Whistler, the coffee with friends, for one hour.  Let’s pretend we’re in one of those countries where we are allowed to vote ……. with machine guns pointed at us.  Lets pretend that voting is actually a privilege, a wonderful gift of life lived in a free and democratic country.

Vote in BC, vote in Abbotsford this November.  No AK-47 will be waiting for you.