……or is your error intentional?

In the ‘Abbotsford Today’ coverage of Tuesday, October 21st all-candidates meeting, Mike Archer inserts this sentence,……

“The majority of the evening was taken up with discussions about the ACS/BC Housing proposal though Gerda Peachey did ask Vince Dimanno about his presidency of the Abbotsford Ratepayers Association. Dimanno has said that though the ARA was dissolved as a society due to a lack of members who were prepared to step forward to be directors. The association exists to this day.”

No one present at that event could possibly make the above statement. Certainly Vince Dimanno, (the man whose grandiose claim to being the CURRENT PRESIDENT of an association called the ‘Abbotsford Ratepayers Association) could not make the above statement, since he was sitting in the same semi-circle as I was. The question about his claim to fame did not come from anyone sitting on the platform, not from me or anyone else up there….and Vince and his man Marty Snider (in the audience), and his fellow wannabees on the SLATE OF AbbotsfordFirst, Ross Siemens, Brenda Falk, Kelly Chahal and Sandy Blue were also all sitting on that platform, when a man from the audience asked their star about his claim to fame.

That question about Vince Dimanno and the ARA came from a man lined up at the microphone. It came from a founding member of the ARA, from Fred Hoekstra, who along with his wife tried to make the fledgling ARA work. They wanted a viable citizen’s group to watch over city hall, to protect the taxpayers in our city. Fred and his wife watched the ARA disintegrate into chaos as Vince Dimanno would not follow any rules but his own. Vince would not even open a bank account, or produce proper Financial Statements, so that all monies taken in for membership dues or donations were never properly recorded.

So there was Fred, a man who wonders why Vince Dimanno, the MAN WHO WOULD BE A BOSS over City of Abbotsford’s multi-million dollar budget, should still be calling himself the president of an association that was shut-down, in April of 2012, dissolved by the BC Government, (after three years of failing to file required documents)

Now why would the owners of Abbotsford Today, by name Vince Dimanno and Mike Archer write such a clear misrepresentation of true events, in AT, their on-line news,….. this account of a public meeting, accessible on the web, attended by several hundred citizens? Why such a blatant misrepresentation of historic reality.

But then misrepresentation is something Dimanno/Archer excel at. Can we afford to have Vince Dimanno at the helm of the Good Ship Abbotsford?

Gerda Peachey