Behind the twitter barrage and the glitzy campaign of ‘AbbotsfordFirst’ looms a potentially dangerous slate of five people.  Taken individually, some of these candidates for City Council might be very good choices for voters on November 15th.  But not as a slate.

Dangerous to democracy is how I see this intense drive for power by ‘AbbotsfordFirst’.  Should their drive be successful this group would automatically be in a position to determine every issue put before council for a vote.  (5 in a council of 9 is a win) All groups have a dominant figure.   Who will be the dominant leader of ‘AbbotsfordFirst’?  Who will be the dominant voice of those five slate members, when council determines where to spend millions of tax dollars?  What business ventures will gain contracts, consulting jobs?  Who will be granted building permits, and who won’t?


City Council decisions rule Abbotsford.   Who are these five people who want to rule by GROUPTHINK?  At least one of them ran an organization that failed to comply with government rules, rules that are written to safeguard the public against fraud.


I would urge voters to reject SLATE politics.  We need nine strong, quality, honest, INDEPENDENT  councillors to lead Abbotsford.