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SANDY BLUE, KELLY CHAHAL, VINCE DIMANNO, BRENDA FALK, ROSS SIEMENS:  The best decision is to tell the truth.You five people are running full-out to win a seat on our local government, as the SLATE of  AbbotsfordFirst.  You’ve got glitzy ads and agressive tweeting going on.

But you are strangely silent about the fraudulent portrayal of Vince Dimanno.  His claim to currently being the President of the ‘Abbotsford Ratepayers Association’ is patently untrue.

Immediately upon my asking for documents authenticating this almost decade-long claim, Vince Dimanno and Mike Archer fired back……….NOT WITH ANY PAPERWORK, but with the suggestion of a lawsuit.  That threat has now been made in print five times.  But not a sliver of proof to finally put to rest that Vince Dimanno was boasting of a title and an organization that went belly-up almost as soon as it started.

Vince wants to be a COUNCILLOR, A BOSS in Abbotsford.  That makes it imperative for us, the voters, to know who he is, and to know who you ‘the SLATE’ are.

If you gained your coveted five-person slate, YOU FIVE WOULD BE THE DE FACTO RULERS OF OUR CITY.

Given your determination to circle the wagons, I wonder if you are now complicit in this drive to discredit the founding members accounts of the ARA degenerating into a chaotic group that began to look like nothing more than Vince Dimanno’s personal fiefdom.

As you can see in the meeting minutes below, the early group tried really hard to bring organization and purpose into the ARA.  They were deeply committed to the success of a group they believed had the potential to be a strong, viable counter to the dysfunction that they believed was evident at City Hall.

I was never a member and only went to two, (possibly three) meetings.  But many of the names seen below were, and still are good friends of mine.  One by one they reluctantly gave up on the ARA.  Tony Luck, who is running for Mayor of Mission this year was one of the last left on board this sinking ship.

So I ask you five candidates, running on a platform of good things like transparency, integrity, accountability,…….why have none of you written to me, if you think my questions are not relevant for your star team member?

Why do you stay silent while Dimanno threatens legal action, like some huckster extortionist, Vince sounds to me like he is saying this….. ‘Shut up with your questions about the veracity of my claims to be something I clearly am not,……or else I will use lawyers to break you financially’.

Blue, Chahal, Falk, Siemens,……..Vince Dimanno IS NOT CURRENTLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE ABBOTSFORD RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION!  That is the central, dominant claim on your glossy campaign brochure!  Under that fraudulent guise the man has been on all major television, radio and print media.

The claim is false, and you have joined yourself at the hip to this lie. The BC provincial Registry dissolved that Association in June of 2012, a full three years after Mr. Dimanno FAILED TO FILE ANY OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS TO THE GOVERNMENT.

I do not want such a man running my city.  I thought really highly of Ross Siemens, and also figured that Brenda Falk had a lot to commend her.  The other two were unknown to me.

Now I cannot vote for anyone who is on the slate of ‘AbbotsfordFirst’, a slate that includes a man who has for years portrayed himself as something that he clearly is not.  But who upon being asked to just produce a few documents to set this troubling doubt to rest, resorts to astounding efforts to deflect, deny and WIN the coveted seat of power in Abbotsford.

So to you four,  are you either blind, too trusting, or can you possibly be complicit in Vince Dimanno’s threats and cover-up?

For the record:  The story now circulating, seeded I’m guessing by Vince, is that I ask these questions because I still harbour anger over some purported grievance that Laurie Hoekstra and I had with the ARA, and the ARA “had to deal with us.”  So folks, get ready for this, if that is what Vince or anyone uses to try to deflect from my simple questions, and request that Vince show documents to set the record straight,…… whoever told you such a thing is a liar.

I did however urge my friends to get out of the ARA when after a number of months they told me that Vince and the Treasurer James had still not set up a bank account.  Money for membership dues, money for donations………..contrary to anything we expect of a correctly run society, that money just went into someones pocket.  No record!

I was never a member of ARA.  I only attended a few meetings at my friend Regina’s urging.  I was not interested in continuing.  I never had a meeting with the ARA executive about any grievance.  You have been lied to, as to my motivation for speaking out.  I suspect this is not the first of the lies swirling around Vince Dimanno and the ‘Abbotsford Ratepayers Association.’

Gerda Peachey

Abbotsford Ratepayers Public Meeting

From: Anne Graham (mailto:

To: Vince Dimano Jr. (mailto:

Rate Payers Minutes / Thursday, March, 20th 2008, 6:30pm

Bethel Reformed, Gladwin Rd.

Board members Present: Vince Dimano (Chair) Anne Graham (Secretary) James Breckenridge (treasurer) Tony Luck (Media Liaison) Bruce Brundenson (Vice Chair)

Board Members Absent: none

Meeting attended by 27 persons.

Meeting called to order @ 7:06 pm.

Minutes adopted after much discussion motion made excluding items #4 and #5 by James Breckenridge seconded by Tony Luck.

Old business: Items #4 and #5 from February meeting minutes will be tabled and moved to a future meeting for more discussion and a vote. Motion made by Tony Luck seconded by Regina Dalton.

  1. Board of Director’s Election was held Laurie Hoekstra presided over the election process. The election was held informally by show of hands. All positions will be held for a one-year term.
  2. Position of president:  Vince Dimano stands as President; there were no other nominees.
  3. Nominations for Vice President were: Lynn Perron, Regina Dalton, Stephen Evans Bruce Brundenson and Tony Luck. Regina Dalton Stephen Evans and Bruce Brundenson withdrew their nominations, Votes by show of hands decided Tony Luck is Vice president.
  4. Nominations for Secretary were: Anne Graham, Lynn Perron, Regina Dalton, Stephen Evans, and Tony Luck. Regina Dalton Stephen Evans and Tony luck withdrew their nominations Votes by show of hands all in favor except Linda Grey who voted for Lynn Perron. Anne Graham is Secretary,
  5. Nominations for Treasurer were:  Regina Dalton, Bruce Brundenson, Stephen Evans, James Breckenridge and Tony Luck. Regina Dalton, Bruce Brundenson, James Breckenridge and Tony Luck withdrew their nominations. Vote by show of hands all in favor of Stephan Evans is Treasurer.
  6. Nominations for Membership Coordinator were: Bruce Brundenson, Lynn Perron, Regina Dalton Stephen Evans and Tony Luck, Bruce Brundenson, Regina Dalton, Stephen Evans and Tony Luck withdrew their nominations and Vote by show of hands all in favor, Lynn Perron is Membership Coordinator (voted in acclimation)
  7. Nominations for Member at Large were: Bruce Brundenson, Tony Luck, Regina Dalton, and Lynn Perron. All Members withdrew their nominations or were already elected to another position leaving the seat for Member at Large Vacant.
  8. Note: all members were voted in unanimously, except Secretary Anne Graham who lost one vote to Lynn Perron.
  1. B.C. Director of B.C. Ratepayers Maureen Pater has contacted Vince commended him for what he is trying to do offered their support and will send complimentary copies of their newsletters.
  2. Financial Report Vince apologized for still not starting a bank account, he has promised to remedy the situation very soon. To date expenditures have been $125.00 for registration of the organization, $30.00 supplies and 3X$25.00 for meeting bookings, Future financial reports will be more intensive.
  3. Discussed current issues and in particular the friendship garden the  1.2 million dollar estimate costs for this garden are indicative of a lack of priorities by our current council. A recent proposal to make an Abbotsford Park accessible to children with disabilities was turned down for lack of funding. Noted new mayor of Winnipeg has cut down on crime by channeling money cut from municipal vanity projects.
  4. Motion made by Mary Helen Hatch, To Write an official ARA letter, outlining the board and expressing dissatisfaction with the priorities of our current council, Letter to be addressed to Mayor and Council and copies sent to Gordon Campbell (Premiere) Ida Chong (Ombudsman) John Vandongen (MLA) and some shadow cabinet members. Motion seconded by Fred Hoekstra.
  5. Vince reported on Imagine Abbotsford  (Arts and Culture) meeting, an invitation only meeting he was asked to attend. There was some unexpected discussion about transportation and poverty, Vince was asked to speak impromptu on these topics.
  6. Presentation by Russ Walsh on DCC issue presented to council. Russ has discovered that the city has been charging DCC charges illegally according to the local government act Russ is going to look into getting a Lawyer, Judge or Justice of the peace to enact an estoppels order against the City.
  7. Motion to end meeting by Tony Luck seconded by Mary Helen Hatch meeting adjourned 9:10


I wrote that the BC Registry dissolved the ARA in June of 2012.  That should read April of 2012.  (The original filing of ARA documents according to the Registry was done in June of 2008.

There are 5 meeting minutes available on the web, the last being dated January of 2009.  (We found those in the last few days, so could not refer to them sooner)
One of the serious problems with the ARA, according to the founding members, was the lack of a bank account, and the absence of Financial Reports.
In the meeting minutes that I sent you yesterday, dated March 20/08, the members are working on the voting in of officers.  Here we see reference to the problem of bookkeeping irregularity early on.  It was a problem that continued to plague the ARA and one of the many reasons the members dropped off.
Financial Report Vince apologized for still not starting a bank account, he has promised to remedy the situation very soon. To date expenditures have been $125.00 for registration of the organization, $30.00 supplies and 3X$25.00 for meeting bookings, Future financial reports will be more intensive.
Abbotsford is a large city, with a huge budget.  It is of utmost importance that our future mayor and council be  equipped for that big job.  Council decisions have serious ramifications for all residents of this city.  So who the candidates are is vital for us to know, before we vote on November 15th.