LETTER FROM A FRIEND (Oct. 15, 2014)

I just got off the phone from BC Registries, and for a nominal fee of $10.50 they said they will mail to me, within two weeks, the notice that the ARA was dissolved, by the Registry, in April of 2012.  The dissolution is standard procedure for any association that has not filed an annual report for three years.  In this case, the ARA NEVER filed an annual report, since the incorporation of the association in June 2008.

Vince has a notice on the ARA site, dated June 2014, seeking paid members.  Membership forms are right on the site, with the standard $10 payment required.  As of a few days ago there was also a donation box right on the site, too.  Vince has claimed, as of a few days ago, that the ARA has 89 current paid memberships.  According to the ARA constitution, memberships are good only from January to December of any year, and all memberships must be renewed during the following year in order to be considered a member.  And so, Vince admits that he has collected $890 for an organization that has been inactive since 2008, and officially dissolved since 2012, and DOES. NOT. EXIST.

I got a message on my answering machine yesterday from the pastor of the Bethel Reformed Church, as I had left a message there before the weekend.  The pastor, and his secretary, confirmed that no ARA meetings have been held at the church for a long, long time.  So long they cannot remember the last ones.  I recorded that message for future use.

As of a few days ago, the ARA site still advertised the meetings being held at the Bethel Reformed Church.  Vince changed it all quickly when Gerda started piping up and Richard tried to buy a membership.

So, that’s the update on Vince.