Please note that anything I post here may freely be used by readers. I would only ask that you not edit my words. Thanks.

The letter below is from a founding member of the ARA. She has written to give me full permission to use anything she sent me, re this question of the legitimacy of a society by the name of ‘Abbotsford Ratepayers Association’, and the recent claim on the glossy election brochure of ‘AbbotsfordFirst’, that Vince Dimanno is the CURRENT president of this group, that by all we know about it does not exist now, and has not for some time.

While my friend offers to let her name be made public, I see no need to bring any unpleasantness to her life.

If Mr. Dimanno follows up on his threat to sue me, my friend will be there, and that is enough for me.

From: (name)
Date: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 12:49 PM
Subject: The ARA
Cc: Gerda Peachey

Hello Mike,

I have been reading the latest emails between you and Gerda Peachey and I have to say that I am rarely so amused by serious issues. Your and Vince Dimanno’s response to Gerda’s logical questions are really very entertaining, in a political don’t-ever-tell-the-truth kind of way. This email, however, is not to argue the issue further but to clarify that the questions posed by Gerda are not originating from Gerda. She is the one who has put the energy and thought into composing them but eight years of concern and queries are the true writers of these questions. You may ignore the questions and you may dismiss them – as you did the (non) members of the ARA – but leaving them unanswered only makes them grow. The ARA effectively ended in 2008 when Vince decided to run every meeting talking about the Abbotsford Today publication and trying to drum up support and money for said publication. The meetings truly ended in 2009. I have the paperwork that shows this, and the memories of those involved to back that up. Nevertheless, you are both free to respond to Gerda’s questions any way you see fit, including the silly non-answers you are currently providing. I am curious, however, as to your threats, to Gerda, of a lawsuit. What crime do you propose she has committed? Asking for the truth? Mentioning the facts as they have been shown to her? Allowing you the courtesy of responding to these facts? And what do you propose to do with everyone else who is, and has been, asking these same questions and telling these same facts for eight long years now? Are you, Vince, proposing to take all these people to court? And what is the plan when the court sees the evidence? Or is it your plan that suddenly changing the ARA website will fool anybody? Are you going to manufacture minutes of meetings that never happened? And that 89 person “membership” list – there are people afraid that you are still, after repeated requests not to, including them as “members”, since this is precisely what you did during the short life of the ARA. Am I still on that list, over five years after I made it so very clear that my husband and I were to be removed from it? Given your past behaviour, Vince, people have a right to see that list, if only to know what you are doing with their names and contact information.

Should you be eager to sue me, too, for having the audacity of saving all that paperwork during the short and futile run of the ARA, then I will offer a concession to you now – I will happily retract all of my statements and urge others to do the same when you produce proof that the ARA is still a viable organization, the financial records, an updated list of the charities the ARA so generously supports with specific amounts and dates – essentially, Gerda’s questions. Not too much to ask from a person who claims responsibility for a public group, and very little to ask from someone who is seeking higher office based on a campaign of truth and honesty and integrity. Until then I can tell you that you are one heck of a team, you two, if you think it is an admirable trait for a candidate to try to bully people into not telling the truth. Isn’t that a great message for the public to hear from as the election looms?