Date: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 11:39 AM
To: ( name )

My response to a somewhat angry email from a formerly amicable acquaintance. This is an edit of the original post, in that I feel no need to avoid using names. I withheld Ross’s name earlier because none of this was about anything other than the need to finally put to rest, or get clear answers to almost a decade of hearing troubling stories about Vince Dimanno, a man relentless in his drive for a seat of power in our city, and who would be making multi-million dollar decisions, on behalf of the public, the taxpayers. The public has every right to expect transparency from Vince and all the slate, BEFORE November 15th.

Hi (name of my now angry friend):  I too want to have a new mayor and council.  The current bunch have led our city into some disastrous financial holes.

My decision to ask these questions of Vince Dimanno were not on my radar until a group of people were standing around after the Bradner Town Hall meeting last week. Ross Siemens (AbbotsfordFirst) was being asked some hard questions about his being on a slate with Vince Dimanno, whose integrity was under this shadow, ie:  being the President of a group that was defunct many years ago.

One of the founding members has indeed been raising this issue for a long time, and two weeks ago sent her concerns to the AbbotsfordFirst email.  She got no answer.

This must be answered because Vince Dimanno is poised to become a councillor, a leader, a boss in our city.  And rather than give some kind of sane, believable answer Mike and Vince have attempted a serious cover-up.

I agree completely with you that this might help the current councillors to easily be re-elected, but surely you do not want to suppress the truth about a very dubious character flaw in a man who might step into the vacuum at city hall.  We will then have gone from the frying pan into the fire.


On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 11:05 AM, (name) wrote:

Gerda…You have every right to question this situation.  However, you are taking all your time and energy on this, and in my opinion, helping to get all the old Councillors and Mayor re-elected.  If you felt this strongly before you should have dealt with it at that time.  I realize you want your questions answered but how about trying to get a new Mayor and new Councillors elected with your energy.  Going down this path at this time simply puts a smile on Banman’s face as well as the existing Council Members. (name)