Thanks to ALEX BUTLER for her article.

As in previous elections, the field is getting pretty crowded with candidates for council.   Up to this moment, I know of 20, including the 6 incumbents,….. if they all run. There are only 6 possibly up for re-election because Simon Gibson has gone to the provincial government, and Henry  Braun is moving from council in his bid for mayor.

At a function this evening, someone expressed the very real problem that so many candidates almost guarantee the incumbents will hold on to their seats, because the value of votes is greatly diluted, in direct proportion to increasing numbers of candidates.

Of course if the existing council had been doing a good job, we’d certainly be glad to see them all return to their jobs after November 15.

But to those voters who want new leadership at city hall, it is wiser to do ‘strategic voting’.   Rather than put your X or check mark beside 8 names, focus more narrowly on only those people you want as new elected councillors.

Strategic voting increases the value of your vote in direct proportion to the decreasing number of names chosen.

I would encourage all the candidates to enlist a lot of people to be scrutineers.  Democracy is such a wonderful form of governance, but it isn’t perfect, and it is becoming more fragile, so for those who are not working the election, volunteer your time to help ensure that we keep our election safe. Our democratic system can only survivie if we protect the right of every eligible citizen to vote in safety,  security and the use of secret ballots, minus intimidation.

I hope Abbotsford gets out in record numbers, informed and engaged in this election.  The new council will be in place for 4 years.