An ordinary citizen weighs in on the teacher’s strike,…….

“It always makes me wonder about how low the teachers are paid – not even a living wage! – versus all the graduates trying to desperately to get one of those awful jobs.  Most people are ignorant of what is entailed in working an occupation unless they experience it for themselves, but virtually all children grow up in this country knowing exactly what it is like to be a teacher.  They live this experience for up to 13 years each.  They are not going into the profession ignorantly.  And still the job wait lists are years long … hmmmmmm …

It is interesting that a lot, if not all, of this animosity stems from allowing teachers/the union the right to determine class compositions in the first place.  I appreciate a teacher giving his/her two-bits on how a classroom runs best but I can’t fathom giving employees the right to run the show.  In what other job would employees be the ones to make company and workplace decisions?  Shouldn’t decisions about an essential service, such as education, be in the hands of a neutral third-party?  One that knows the financials and the teacher and student needs and can put all those together in a manner that is fair?  So, I’m not actually upset that the government tore up that part of the contract.  On the other hand, the Liberals just did it to be cheap, and have no game plan to replace that contract.  I like the idea someone put forward about honking when driving past a picket line – one honk to support teachers, two for the government, and three to agree that both sides need to grow up and stop being so selfish.  Of course, the noise could be deafening …”

And Michael Smyth on the teachers’ strike,……..
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