Thank you Lynn. Some day this town will recognize you for the Herculean work you did on our behalf.

Some things just defy common-sense, like selling off our natural resources to a known corrupt government, as in selling oil reserves to China.

And here, in little Abbotsford, our mayor and councillors used every means at their disposal, (our tax-dollars) to try to force a ‘Yes’ vote allowing them to commence a new water supply at Stave Lake, that would be under the odious Public Private Partnership. Actually it is not a P3, it is 4 Ps………

PUBLIC PAYS FOR PRIVATE PROFITS. And who would the wealthy partner be? Would it be something like the private partner in our new hospital, who smurfs away the profit from our Abbotsford hospital, into untouchable tax-free havens somewhere in the Guernsey Islands?

Such private partners can invoke 3rd party status to refuse transparency about financial transactions. But the public must go on paying, even if they can be kept in the dark.

We may need to build new water infrastructure, but lets ask politicians to use less of our money for their delusional and glamorous ego projects, and stick to practical, down-to-earth communal needs, like roads, sewers, schools, police, local parks and of course delivery of clean, safe water, minus the threat of murky foreign ‘partners.’

Thanks Lynn. I will never forget your amazing tenacity in fighting this very bad P3 proposal.