November seems a long way off, in a hot July, but I want people to give some thought and research to who they will vote into office.

Instead of three, this will now be a four-year term.

Already the field is crowding with new entrants into the race for councillors, which definitely minimizes the hope that the old guard can be replaced.

One can hope that some of them will decide they will retire now.

But there are certainly two seats at the table open, so it really matters a lot that the populace votes with their minds engaged.

And at last we have a man of substance contending for the position of mayor.

Please Abbotsford, awake from your lethargy, and vote based on your careful research, not merely passing morsels of information about the candidates.

Given the (likely) unwieldy number of people in the upcoming race for council, this might be a good time to vote strategically. Instead of choosing a full slate of 8 names, you can vote only for a few, or even only one name on the councillor side, to maximize the effect of your vote value.

Henry Braun is the most quality man, (or woman) I have seen at the council table for many years. Now we have a golden opportunity to have him be the mayor of Abbotsford.

FOOTNOTE:  AUG. 8/14  from ‘Abbotsford Today: