Several people have offered some wonderful slogans for the upcoming municipal election. That is sure appreciated, because communicating what I believe to be true and important to the rest of the world comes easy. Selling myself however does not come easy at all because I know that within myself there isn’t much to boast about. Anything good in any of us fallen creatures is entirely due to the goodness of God.

But if anyone else has the gift of reducing large treatises to nifty slogans, please send them along to me.

But secondly, apparently it was not clear that I intend to run for council, ie: councillor.  ( That may be because in the last two elections, I ran for mayor.

Well this time around we have a really quality man contending for the mayor’s job, so I am most happy to leave that alone.

What is needed now is a city that gets involved. I know the days are beautiful, and we live in an incredibly beautiful province, so it’s hard to think about the November election, but I hope many more of us will spend time reading and interacting about local issues. Get to know who all the candidates are and support the ones you approve of.

SCRUTINEERS are a VITAL, ESSENTIAL, KEY, NECESSARY component of free, honest, secret ballot democracy.

That is something Abbotsford does not seem to comprehend. Our 2005 election was fraught with corruption, something I tried to challenge – with zero success. However with Lynn Perrin’s help we managed to return our local system back to the tried and true Federal way of requiring voters to vote at a specified polling station, rather than the ‘voting at large’ nonsense that council implemented at George Peary’s suggestion.

So the system is safer again, but the desire to have ‘your’ candidate win has not gone away. Don’t be sleepy Abbotsford. The mayor and councillors have enormous power, and that power can be twisted for the benefit of supporters.

So volunteer to be a Scrutineer. Every single candidate should enlist as many people as they can find. Elections are so wonderful. Democracy is so precious, …. and so fragile.