A friend writes:……

“On ignoring bylaws, I don’t think we can or want, to single out a visible group. It is a group, but it consists of people who live by the motto “It is not who is going to give me permission, but who is going to stop me”. People who think like that come in every shape, size, color and to be frank, I am one of them. I think the proportion of the population thinking this way is increasing because laws, bylaws, edicts, rules, regulations, taxes, levies, permits, fines, penalties, delays, studies, consultations, inspections, sociopaths, psychopaths, bullies, dictators, power mongers, etc. are making reasonable people sick. I for one am done with the cesspool of corruption, incompetence and dysfunction termed “government”. People in general know what is right and wrong, and how to treat their neighbors. As far as I am concerned, everyone else’s liberty ends where mine begins, deal with it.

What makes an honest, upstanding citizen turn into a scofflaw?

To me it is simple. If we find even one case of an individual or business allowed to circumvent a bylaw, the bylaw is scrapped, period. If it is not for everyone, then it has no clear, honest and justifiable objective, and will result in resentment among the populace, inequitable distribution of wealth, and a general lowering of GDP.

Example: Some people have tree removal permit fees waived at the discretion of the bylaw officer.
Solution: Scrap the Tree Protection Bylaw.

Example: Some people are allowed the choice/option of alternate instead of government mandated motorcycle/bicycle headgear, which all others must wear or else.
Solution: Scrap the motorcycle and bicycle helmet laws. I love Montana!!!

Example: Some people, knowingly by the city as well as themselves, in contravention of the bylaws, use their ALR land to park many semi tractors/trailers.
Solution: Scrap the bylaw disallowing parking of big rigs on ALR land.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. and please note I don’t mention reasons and excuses for the “special treatment” examples above because… THERE ARE NONE ! It has to be for everyone, or no one.

For many situations, the solution is not to enforce but instead scrap… a bylaw.

Also, for many situations, the solution is not to increase taxes/coercion on those not in compliance, but instead reduce taxes/coercion on those in compliance. Let’s increase the affordability (lower the hurdle) to get into and/or remain in business, make it possible to get into business, as well as do it without (having to) circumvent laws. Let’s be in favor of generating more business, new business, and small business. Steve Jobs basically started Apple Computers in his dad’s garage. I doubt Apple Inc. would exist if he was born and raised in Abbotsford. How did Eaton’s, Wal-Mart, Heinz, etc. get started?

I can go on forever… J”