First of all, I’m amazed that anyone with a call display will even pick up the receiver, when the screen reads ‘no number, no name’. But two of my friends did, as have some more Abbotsford residents.

The survey automated voice says it is some company in Toronto.

City Manager, George Murray kindly responded to my question, assuring that no city, ie: public money, was spent on this. Well that is a relief! While it did not seem possible, you can’t be too sure around here. Our council certainly authorized some big spending TWICE now, not to inform, not to ask our opinion, but to manipulate a favourable outcome on referendum questions where there were two possible answers, but the city used our money to assure any opposing opinions were shut out.

So it’s easy to wonder, when a mystery person, or group conducts a poll in the heat of July about the November election.

Henry Braun says neither he, nor his team are behind this interesting early start, so then he isn’t.

So who is?