JUL 3, 2014 at 11:18 PM
Charlie, you’ve written some intelligent stuff over the years,……this isn’t!

You say, ” Watts and her Surrey First colleagues still enraged many progressives by inviting former U.S. president George W. Bush to an economic summit. This occurred even as local activists were trying to have him arrested in connection with torture committed by American authorities”…….(and)………..”Surrey won’t even fly the rainbow flag over the new $97-million city-hall building to celebrate Surrey Pride Week.”

Would you seriously advocate for the anarchy and bedlam that would become the norm, if every little group of ‘local activists’ were allowed to override the decisions made by elected officials? Sure, allow peaceful protests, but you are ridiculous to whine that Mayor Watts and the council should suspend their plans to host George Bush, in order to appease some malcontents.

Maybe the malcontents are right sometimes. In that case utilize whatever lawful actions are available, and work to get your own people elected, next time around.

As to your flag complaint, I’ll put this to you. I demand that City Hall fly a Dutch flag for one week. Then I demand that City Hall fly a flag to honour seniors, for one week. Then I demand that City Hall fly a flag celebrating the marriage of one man to one woman, for life, for a week.

Give me a bit of time,….. I’m sure I want some more acknowledgement and recognition and respect, flown for all to see, on my behalf.