Ezra Levant:  On Thursday night, at a hastily-called meeting, Nanaimo’s city council voted unanimously to repeal the anti-Christian motion that they passed in May.

In fact, the city apologized to Christians and all Canadians for having passed that motion in the first place!

This did not come easy. For nearly two months, they dug in their heels. They made excuses. They stonewalled opposition. They put out empty press releases and took out newspaper ads trying to justify their illegal discrimination.

And they almost got away with it.

The mainstream media didn’t care – they didn’t bat an eye when the city ordered the convention centre to rip up a signed contract with a Christian group. They didn’t care that Christians had been equated to organized crime and terrorist groups.

A small group of pastors who complained directly to the city council were ignored, too. Even city lawyers couldn’t talk the council out of their illegal, discriminatory motion.

This was going to be the law of Nanaimo – and a terrible precedent for other Canadian cities and towns to follow.

But then you – and more than 6,000 other citizen activists – decided to say, “not in our Canada!”

Thousands of you signed the petition; hundreds more phoned and e-mailed the councilors; and more than a hundred of you joined me for an impromptu rally on the steps of City Hall – the biggest rally seen there in memory.

That’s what turned the tables – tolerant Canadians deciding that we just couldn’t let Nanaimo get away with an intolerant motion. No group should be driven out of the public square because of their faith.

I won’t go through all the gory details – I’m sure you know them well enough. If you want a recap of the original motion, and the lengths the council went to, to avoid doing the right thing, you can watch my one-hour TV special on the subject, by clicking here.

I learned incredible things during my visit to Nanaimo on Wednesday, including the mayor telling me that he had agreed to make secret payments to settle out of court with people who had been discriminated against by the city. Who knows how many thousands of tax dollars were burnt up, cleaning up the mess that council made.

But that’s in the past. Today, I did another TV segment, reporting on city council’s decision last night to finally do the right thing. It’s a shorter video, and you can watch it here. I recommend it. It’s the story of you – and how you won.

One last thing. You and I helped raise $5,477 to retain John Carpay, a civil liberties lawyer at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a registered charity. John had agreed to study the law and build a case against this religious discrimination, on behalf of Nanaimoites who had their rights trampled by this motion. That legal battle now seems moot.

So we’ve asked John to keep any surplus funds – and put them towards another important cause: his lawsuit against the Nova Scotia law society, which voted to ban Christian graduates from the new Trinity Western University law school in B.C. It’s amazing how many public officials think it’s OK to treat Christians as second class citizens.

But that’s another battle, for another day. For now, let’s take a moment to celebrate a victory – a victory over intolerance, and a victory for democratic accountability.

It was’t just Nanaimo that won last night. It was all Canadians. Because of you.

Yours gratefully,

Ezra Levant