While Ezra Levant may, at times, seem a bit extreme, he is also at times the only voice raised against patently extreme wrongs.

After several people asked me what I thought about this Nanaimo City council meeting, I think it warrants comment.  This 20 minute video shows a council gone mad with its own importance.


These ‘very important persons’ have clearly broken a contract with an event that sold tickets to the public, and they did so 4 days before the scheduled event, without having the affected sponsors even in that room!!??

That is power driving these little persons to madness.

Given that Abbotsford council readily granted permission to a number of disgusting, vile and exploitive ‘amusements’ to companies that rented our publicly-owned AESC and Tradex, I wonder if Nanaimo council would similarly give over their public facilities to the abuse of (primarily) women to gratify the lusts of an oogling audience of (primarily) men.  Examples being the utterly sleezy ‘Lingerie Football’, or the Taboo sex show…. both of which are presently not defiling Abbotsford, because they did not make enough profit here.

My guess is that these two-bit upholders of all things wonderful, around the Nanaimo council table, would with great flourishing speeches, extoll the virtues of being  inclusive, diversity etc. ad nauseam.  No censorship with those lofty leaders in Nanaimo, ….not them!  Aaah, except for,…… anyone who believes the Word of God to be true, from Genesis to Revelation, and dares to say so.

I can’t see from Levant’s video how this is even expressly ‘christian’.  It looks more like the hype and glitter and  high-energy marketing type events associated with some sort of pizazz sales event that makes money, using christianity as a lubricant.

And Levant’s final sentence here that he will fight this calling on “God, Jesus, Allah and the rest of them.”………… is not something any born-again believer should embrace.

I’m reading through the Old Testament again.  At times it is more like heavy ploughing.  But from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is the revelation of God to us, the highest of His creative works.  What stands out, over and over, is that God does not share his glory with the inferior gods we create.  When his people call out to their false gods, or even rely on alliances with neighbouring countries, the Lord lets them fall on their faces, or worse.

So no, I would not join forces with a man who rightly points out the erosion of democracy, but firmly declares that he can just as easily call on a string of deities for help in his battle, as if one is as good as the next.  That is certainly true of false gods all right.  One is as good as the next, since they all fail us, and indeed lead us further from Truth.

There is only one Lord and God. He alone is able to save us from what ultimately really matters for time and eternity……… our own sinful nature.

God created the world.  He created us,… all of us.  He has the right of ownership, but God allows his created beings enormous freedom, to obey His guidelines, or to reject his love and wise guidance, and suffer the consequences of our rebellion.

For a time the little people on the Nanaimo council can puff themselves out real big, and strut about revelling in their temporal power.  In this fallen world, for a time, God lets them strut.