When someone wants to disparage Abbotsford, in terms of Bible-belt, religious, narrow fundamentalist, and that sort of general impediment to ‘fun’ things, it seems my name has become a useful byword.

Canwest Productions, the lovely company behind the almost annual ‘Taboo’ sex show held at Tradex, thought it useful to use my name that way, a few years ago.

Rather than admit that their sleezy show was not lucrative enough, they attempted to portray their sudden withdrawal, 2 years ago, as being their principled response to the citizens of Abbotsford,………ie:  Gerda, and her band of outraged puritans.

They made that a central theme in their big news announcement, with predictable results.  Canwest may be skanky, but they are media savvy.  So there was a great hue and cry.  All kinds of outrage against me, and my narrow-minded band of followers.  I even saw an on-line petition against my stopping of the Taboo event.

For a day and a half the phone rang constantly, in our home.  Global TV and CBC TV made the trek out here for interviews, even though I said they could save themselves the bother.  The whole thing was manufactured, I am not particularly significant and most certainly have no following.

However those stalwarts did trek out, because news is not made by everyday people living quiet, decent lives, there must be drama.  But it was gratifying to interact with some of those media over the phone and in person.  These people are sharp and they know how contrived and phoney a lot of the stuff they report on really is.

But Canwest maintained that it was primarily because of me and my followers, that they’d pulled the rug out from hundreds of people who’d expected to set up their booths and displays.  Would you expect honesty and integrity from a company that makes money exploiting vulnerable women to be objects of lust?

So the story was reported that way because Canwest/Taboo wanted to revive public interest in their failing sleeze-industry, and deflect the anger of jilted contractual expectations.

Occasionally I come across my name (the byword), used in that context, long after the Canwest baloney……..the latest being yesterday morning (June 27/14) on the Abbotsford News Facebook.  The comment was up for 18 hours, but removed after I posted a reply.  Andrew Holota says that the News did not remove it, so then I assume ‘Andrea Klassen’, (the poster) thought it perfectly alright to write ill-informed, public nonsense about me, but did not like the public rebuttal.