(A friend responds to Alter’s lament……..)

“Overall, the nation has a big problem.” Why would anyone say that? No matter what people believe, they’ll all eventually die and decompose. The whole planet will become toast when the Sun eventually expands and turns into a red giant star. And the whole universe will eventually become dead, dark, and silent when the Second Law of Thermodynamics has run its course. So what people choose to believe is no problem at all, because people are just pointless products of a meaningless, ultimately random chemical process.”


Dr. Brian Alters, the president of the National Center for Science Education’s board of directors:

“Overall, the nation has a big problem,” he said in 2006. “Approximately half of the U.S. population thinks evolution does (or did) not occur. While 99.9 percent of scientists accept evolution, 40 to 50 percent of college students do not accept evolution and believe it to be ‘just’ a theory.”

(My thoughts:)  Alters and his fellow evolution religionists have had pretty much unlimited access to public money, government support and a dull-witted media, ready to regurgitate, as SCIENCE every pronouncement from those they deem to be the intellectual elite.  The corrections rarely hit the papers, when, as is inevitable the facts of the story reveal shoddy research, even fraud to attain the research grants and publicity.  It seems all of humanity is tainted with the same basic human flaws, regardless of social status.

How awful for Alters to have to admit that despite all of that help with mass indoctrination, there are still hold-outs,….up to half the population, who look at the world around them, and conclude that design implies designer.  

Nothing in the real world designs itself.   There must be a first cause.  We can know Him, this wonderful creator, because He has spoken to us, His created beings in the Bible.

We should listen.