Andrew Coyne:  National Post, May 10/14  (excerpt)

“Past Liberal efforts to demonize the Conservatives for harbouring several pro-life MPs amongst their number had not been having quite the desired effect, owing to the presence of a good many such heretics in their own ranks. Even by the standards of that great party, this stank of hypocrisy – not because it undermined the party’s position in favour of the unrestricted right to abort a fetus, on demand and at public expense, but because it implied abortion was something reasonable people could disagree on. Which tends to get in the way of a good fear campaign.”

Coyne goes on to say “An issue is not settled just because one side says it is.” .….. which is interesting since he writes, ” We would not be required, in 2014, to allow a debate on , say, slavery, OR EVOLUTION, (Bold is mine) just because someone’s conscience demanded it. Some issues really are settled.”

But evolution is not settled at all Mr. Coyne! Not because you say it is. Statistics vary here and there, but depending on who does the survey, where and when it is taken, some 40 to 50% of educated North Americans do not accept the ‘just-so’ stories of how bacteria turned into biologists.

That it is the ruling paradigm is true. That public money is poured into indoctrination via public schools and the media, to try to wrest all reference to the Creator of the universe out of the hearts and minds of humanity,……. is true.

That the excellent writer Andrew Coyne seems to accept the dog’s breakfast of, all over the map scenarios, about how we MUST have evolved, because there is no Divine Creator,….. is true.

But Andrew, “An issue is not settled just because one side says it is.”