‘The Tyee’ posts a long adoring article about Thomas Piketty, “the neo-Marxist economist du jour” (Joseph Brean).  

I’ve only taken one Economics course, and enjoyed both Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes writings.  But I’ve met plenty of folk who have lived under socialism, under its varying manifestations.  Socialism is mostly cheap talk by people who want the wealth of others to simply flow down into their laps, or the leaders who enjoy enormous wealth, at the top, while feigning ‘equality for all.”

So my response to the Tyee:  

Excerpt from Joseph Brean, National Post:  ““In a cheeky anthropological take on what he called the Piketty Bubble, ……. nine stages of popular attention, from “buy-in,” when big thinkers feel they must discuss him, to adoption by politicians and pundits, through back-lash and counter-offensive, into petty arguments about who has actually read the thing.  From there, it progresses through boredom into disassociation, in which “even supporters begin to be embarrassed to refer to him.”  (from Joseph Brean)


I haven’t read it (Capital In The Twenty-First Century) either, and never will because socialist ideals so rarely work for the betterment of our collective lives.  Which is why Cubans were desperate enough to face drowning in unsafe boats, in order to reach the United States.  Most socialists are like most capitalists in that, unbridled power and the access that gives to greater wealth, almost always overwhelms all idealists.  Capitalism within a healthy democratic system, while imperfect, is still the best government, for the majority of its citizens.