This evening (March 28th) Eugenie, recently retired from the National Center for Science Education, spoke to what looked like mostly fellow religious followers of evolution. Her fans seemed quite easy to lead, with very little discernment on display. (NCSE exists primarily to fight against a God whom they say does not exist, and who therefore did not create us. I don’t believe in the Purple People Eater, so guess I should spend what remains of my life refuting the PPE.)

Most of the evening was spent on discussing the Abbotsford creation – evolution saga of 1996, and a great deal of time was devoted to the 1925 Scopes trial.

Both were deliberately contrived situations. I believe it was Edward Larson who wrote an excellent book on the history of Dayton and the Scopes trial.

As to our local saga, I knew many young people in Abbotsford public schools at that time. Rich and I were very involved in that controversy. There wasn’t a teacher in this town who did not follow the curriculum. What enraged someone, was the freedom given to kids to ask questions, to raise their belief in a creator God, within those classroom segments on evolution.

Teachers could interact on the validity of the science, if they wished. But no one ever produced a teacher who did not follow the curriculum guide. It was the mere possibility of academic freedom to ask questions, perhaps even discuss weakness in the evolution story that was intolerable.

Evolution is science, and creation entails belief – in God!! Hence we are lofty science, and creationists are religious. So separation of church and state,…….you lose, we win.

Of course deluded ones, if God exists,……..and the earth shouts of his existence, then he is the ultimate scientist, and you may shake your puny fists at him until he no longer grants you breath. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. However, I’d rather you stopped shaking your fists at your God, the only one who gives ultimate meaning to this transient life, and hope for all eternity in his presence. God so loved the world that he gave his only Son….for you.

In this fallen world the godless do seem to win a lot, and evolution is the ruling paradigm. The claim is made that some 98% of top scientists hold to the theory of evolution. Jobs are hard to come by. Scientists compete for positions and for grant money, and for their articles to be published in peer reviewed journals.

Those who dare reveal their doubt about their own research insofar as it does not authenticate the story of our evolutionary ascent from microscopic life, to our present forms, well those few brave souls pay a very heavy price. People need jobs. (watch ‘Expelled’)

Critical thinking was not evident when Eugenie charmed us with stories of her own family. Something like how she looks more like this cousin twice-removed, than she looks like the relatives farther back in her lineage. Everyone nodded and smiled at this lovely homey discussion.

Then BOOM!

Eugenie vaulted from comparing humans to humans to pictures of different kinds of animals. She said see how the this looks a bit like the that, and how this animal bears some resemblance to that animal. So see, just as Eugenie looked like her cousin, and she was related to her cousin,…….that proves that this bear is related to that…..(I forget the precise animals now, because it was so utterly stunning), say bears and bunnies, or this animal and that (totally different) animal, and this creature and that (completely different) creature were related, in the same way she was related to her human family…….because they kind of look a bit alike, in some parts of their anatomy? Stunning leap from what we all agree is clearly a relative, to proving animal A is related to animal B – in just the same way.

I’m not easily shocked, but it was shocking to see this classic example of ‘bait and switch’ before my eyes. And the room full of the devout were still smiling and nodding. And no one seemed to understand what had just been done to them.

Eugenie told us how serious it is to allow a whisper of creationism into the classroom Now given that, despite years of indoctrination, brain-washing and intimidation the Western world still has a lot of people who do not buy into the nonsensical stories of bacteria evolving into biologists, where do the Eugenies and her religionists justify silencing the other crowd?

Are evolutionists educated and those God followers just un-educated buffoons? Well no, actually the level of education within both groups, is likely about the same. Actually I know a lot of Bible-believing, young-earth creationists, and funny thing,….they are all very well educated. I am probably the least learned of the bunch.

So what gives Eugenie and Co. the right to muzzle all educated critique of her religious dogma. Again, of course it is because they have science and we have religion. No again to that mantra. I listened intently and Eugenie does not and cannot provide a convincing scenario to back-up her faith that she evolved. Actually she did not even try, she just kept putting down young-earth creationists.

Even when soft-ball questions were gently passed to her, Eugenie Scott did not provide a single mechanism whereby she, and we, got to our present fine form.

Evolution for all the lofty claims about it being science, meets none of the rigours of hard sciences. It is not repeatable, testable, verifiable, falsifiable………and any efforts to point out the paucity of real data to support the theory, are met with evasive tactics.

To the charge that creationists offer no proof of a master Designer, as Eugenie repeatedly claims, I offer her proof,…….herself. Though she is dead wrong on this, Eugenie nonetheless is fearfully and wonderfully made. And made by God in his own image. A miracle of billions of complex parts all working in harmony, so that she can use the gift of life to argue against her creator.

Later at Moxies a fellow tried to tell me how simple evolution is, and he picked up on the speaker’s brief reference to the eye. Now I am not a doctor, nor do I have a biology degree, but the absurdity of talking about how easily the eye could have evolved must be met with something akin to a thump on the nose.

If I were to pluck my eye out and lay it on the table, could we still talk like fools about the evolution of the eye? That eye is complete, but out of the socket in my head and no longer connected to the kazillion neurons – (insert 1000 pages of complex jargon here), that eye is now nothing but a lifeless bit of meat, a marble that will rapidly dry out, and shrivel, and in short order reduce to just a few chemicals. Nothing more.

And if you chop a poor little frog into six parts, well you have all the pieces you need right there, to make again a cheery, delightful jumper. But now it does not jump and say “ribbit” any more. And you can’t fix it …… though all its little parts are in your hands. Life can only be breathed into living things by the creator. That living frog was a masterpiece of design and beauty. You can kill it, but you can never create, ex nihilo, so much as one of its living cells.

Evolutionists pretend they can tell us about minute changes in microscopic creatures in places – somewhere out there, millions and millions of years ago, and we just have to believe them. After all….evolution is true. But there is no material in their hand, nothing in the test-tube, nothing under the microscope to augment this fairy tale. Nor do we see evolution in action, unless we invoke bacteria to bacteria, moth to moth, finch to finch, and so on.

Life appearing from non-life which then pulls itself up by its mindless little bootstraps, to grow, and transform, and mutate, and attain ever greater complexity demands billions of miracles over millions and billions of years, from the beginning of this fairy tale.

Is the Genesis account a miracle? Yes. And so is the evolution account, only far more so. Which account matches the real world that we can observe, handle, study, dissect and emulate?

God is a huge miracle.

Evolution needs an endless supply of miracles, and Eugenie and friends do not want you to see that.