To MLA Rich Coleman:

Hello Mr. Coleman: Unless the media have been telling us a whopper of a fiction tale, I would suggest to you that the provincial government must conduct a criminal investigation into the activities of Marc Townsend and his fellow directors at the Portland Hotel Society.

The public monies used for their personal pleasures are well beyond what anyone can call ‘slight oversights’.

This should simply be called what it is, – theft of government money, that first came from us, the tax-payers of BC.

I have met many people who’ve served prison terms for crimes that pale in comparison to the money, and the number of years that Mr. Townsend and his friends have helped themselves to the public’s money.

Anyone smart enough to run PHS was not too stupid to know he was stealing money designated to help the poor.

You, in government must protect, with every reasonable safeguard, the money you demand from us, via taxation. Your failure to demand transparency goes back as far as the 2001/2002 audit, an audit the media asked to see, and were denied.

Ordinary folk can’t simply thumb their noses at government demand for documents, come tax return time. Why do you enable this gross sense of entitlement in so-called, ‘non-profits’.

Please order a police investigation into Mr. Townsend and all the expenditures done with our money at PHS.

Thank you.

Gerda Peachey (604)852-4650 (Copy of rejected FOI below)