(Sent to media, because it is rare to see critical thinking applied to statements issued by people like Eugenie Scott.)

Subject: Eugenie Scott: Lecture next Friday at UFV
‘Everything evolves, even creationism’.

Eugenie should say evolutionism versus creation, but oh well, I don’t expect her to see her religious bias – yet.  That illumination can only come from her Creator.

Eugenie of course is equivocating here,………..everything evolves, (she believes).  That is Darwinian evolution.  But to say ‘creationism evolves’……… ahh, but that’s not biological evolution Eugenie.  Tricky, as always.  You’ve just done the classic evolutionist, ‘bait and switch’.  Evolution now comes to mean any change, all change.  Change within species, sociological change.  You name any change, its evolution in the feverish minds of religious evolutionists, and it is a devious and deliberate blurring of language.

People step back, and  mull things over. Weigh the incessant indoctrination, against what your five senses,  your minds can see and study. Apply the kind of critical thinking skills you use when investing, buying a car, marrying a spouse, choosing a school.

Does evolution emerge as true, when  hard data, evidence-based science,  observable life are applied to these brainless, ever-changing, impossibly  nonsensical stories about slime evolving over vast ages to emerge as scholars.  Is this really factual, proven science?  No, it does not begin to meet the standards of testable, repeatable falsifiable data, – the kind that gives you medicine and machinery.

It’s been all so simple for people like Eugenie and her previous associates at the National Center for Science Education to bamboozle the public, because we get cowed by the ruling paradigm, and stop thinking for ourselves.

That lofty-sounding centre seems to exist for the sole purpose of ripping God out of the hearts and minds of humanity.

The consequences of their God-hatred are extremely grave.  No wonder so many young kids commit suicide.  Tell them from birth, via school and media that they are only a handful of chemicals, who came from the earth and will return to compost.  Nothing more.

When their hearts are broken in romance, when they can’t make the football team, when their parents are poor and fight, and separate, and the world looks grey and hopeless, why not just end it all.  The National Center for Science Education and the clever Eugenie Scott told them, there is no God, no Heaven, no Eternity.

But Eugenie and her friends must work incessantly to maintain this lie. They must lie to themselves, every time they gaze into a microscope at astounding complexity revealed before their eyes.  Eugenie and friends must deny the majesty and vastness of a universe so ordered that we can send messages through space from our laptops.

Go to this lecture coming to UFV next Friday, but go with discernment.

And study the complexity of a ‘simple’ leaf, or a ‘simple’ worm.  Look at your loved ones,  – before you go to hear Eugenie tell you that it all ‘just happened’.

Eugenie has devoted the better part of her life in the futile battle to dethrone her creator.  I sincerely hope she will see Him and call out to Jesus the Saviour of the world, before her time here is over.   Gerda


Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D.
Eugenie C. Scott
March 28, 2014
University of the Fraser Valley
Abbotsford Campus
British Columbia, Canada
Evolution is the inference that living things have descended with modification from common ancestors, and it infuses and informs all of biology. But the antievolutionists – young-Earth creationists,University of the Fraser Valleyintelligent design supporters, and the like – have also “descended with modification” from common ancestors, as demonstrated at the Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial over the legality of teaching intelligent design. Clearly, creationists have adapted to a hostile legal environment by modifying their form!