From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 11:36 AM
Subject: Build new subsidized housing, {and} old tenements at ludicrous prices, stuff the mentally ill and “hard to house” into them, and have them fend for themselves in the mean streets outside. Pretend to ignore the predators who lurk everywhere and sell everything, including the flesh of young girls.
To: “deJong.MLA, Mike” <>, Darryl <>, sgibson <>, premier <>

Brian Hutchinson’s article in today’s National Post is worth the read.You (the collective ‘you’) may decide this is only about rich developers, but the present state of affairs in Vancouver, is horrific. Actually despite the breathless emoting of CBC TV reporters covering ‘the heartless Abbotsford Bible Belt’, CBC should spend at least equal time in the Downtown East -Side of Vancouver.  Perhaps we’d get less fluff and more substance from them, and the other media.

The Province, according to Mike de Jong, spends some 42% of all monies collected, on Health care. Mental illness is under the Provincial mandate.  Given that so many of the homeless do suffer from mental illness, it would be fitting for the media to turn the spotlight on the Premier and her cabinet.

Drugs is the number one reason for most of the homelessness, in BC.

Why do the drug lords who create most of those broken human beings, now enslaved to  destructive drugs, get such an easy ride?  They can buy property with ease, drive expensive vehicles, eat in the best places, – while thousands of British Columbians suffer the ravages of drug addiction.

Premier Clark, get serious about giving us a Justice system, not merely a Legal system, that is an endless source of public money flowing into the hands of lawyers.

As I see it, this Hutchinson article is very pertinent to our problem here in Abbotsford, a homeless problem in desperate need of common-sense answers.

 BRIAN HUTCHINSON:  National Post, March 5/14