………..while the Heat/Flames take millions from our city coffers:


I wonder what our Council could do about the lofty goals listed below, themselves, if the money sunk into the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sport Centre, and the $5.7 million contract with the Abbotsford Heat/Calgary Flames were actually the money-generators, we’d been promised they would be?

I also wonder if we taxpayers foot the bill for the Heat banners that line our city streets from time to time.  Does the City pay for the ads on these buses?  Who pays for the ads that ran almost non-stop on the marquee signs in town, and at Tradex?

With the generous $5.7 guarantee it is easy to see why the Heat can give away so many free tickets, sell cheap beer and spend so lavishly on advertising.

Council needs to provide greater clarity, as to how this privately-owned business impacts the finances of Abbotsford.

Abbotsford Heat Foundation Objective

The Abbotsford Heat Foundation’s goal is to improve the quality of life for the under-17 age group of the Fraser Valley. To be achieved by supporting grassroots sport organizations, championing projects that improve health, education and fitness as well as advocating and supporting programs that repress risk related behaviour.

Abbotsford Heat Foundation Pillars

  • Improving children and youth’s health/wellness, education and fitness
  • Development of amateur and grassroots sports – amateur sport associations
  • Repressing risk related behaviour such as drug use, gang involvement and crimeImage