What I learned moderating the creation/evolution debate
By Tom Foreman, CNN



  1. Gerda Peachey

    Bill Nye threw many questions at Ken Ham,….far more than the extremely tight time-frame of a debate constraint would allow anyone to answer. It was a cheap tactic, to then repeatedly say, essentially, HAH!……You can’t answer my questions.

    A debate of that nature puts enormous pressure on the participants, so it’s very easy for us ‘arm-chair’ participants to second-guess the debaters. But here goes: When challenged to provide proof of the existence of God the Creator, Ken should have given a brief, blazing summary of the astounding complexity, design, artistry, predictability –– sheer overwhelming wonder of all life-forms.

    Evolutionists claim this complexity, which we mere mortals can only study, attempt to replicate, and utilize for our far inferior attempts at ‘creating’, came about by the clumsy, lurching – and ever-changing stories of evolutionary history. To believe that nonsense it is necessary to suppress your intelligence. The only reason to insist such an amazing design has no designer is spiritual rebellion against God.

    “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”