Announcement:  “The Abbotsford Heat are dedicated to being a significant community partner for Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley. Over the past three seasons, the Heat have raised more than $300,000 for local charities and minor hockey groups and the Heat Foundation has donated more than $100,000 to local charity groups. Last season, the Heat raised nearly $94,000 for local groups through 50/50 sales and more than $65,000 through the Fundraiser ticket program.”

Well, I read the above blurb all the way through and could not find any reference to the millions that we taxpayers are forced to shell out to the ‘Abbotsford Leeches’.

I did note that Comrade Bruce has decreed the AESC must be filled with adoring fans, and so the parking rates must be slashed – at once.

I make the assumption here that the honourable owners of this team, the Calgary Flames, and Lane Sweeting and Co. are the ones who will absorb the loss of revenue. I can’t imagine that such sterling folk would expect us Abbotsford folk to subsidize men chasing pucks any more than the $5.7 million ‘supply-fee’ that already sweetens their side of this contract.

Sports is after all meant to produce sportsmanship,……..right?