Homeless in Abbotsford:

This is more about the media having something flashy to cover, than about anything unique.

Every city has homelessness, and I expect that none of the reporters who emote so breathlessly, about the plight of the poor, are prepared to go to sleep at night with a drug or booze crazed person housed within the comfort of their own home.

For the very same reason, some of these people cannot stay in the shelters that Abbotsford has available. Other needy people seeking refuge from the bitter streets, are not safe, if there are no barriers as to who shares their space. For the well-being of the care-givers, and those others needing a hand, there must be minimal barriers.

Help is available, but some of the homeless refuse to live within any guidelines. Barry Shantz the fellow most in the limelight, in fact, is not homeless at all. He has an apartment in Abbotsford.

The need for housing has been downloaded from senior government, where it properly belongs. Does anyone seriously suggest that people simply be allowed to set up camp anywhere on public lands, whenever they chose?

Just as soon as a tragedy, or serious crime occurs on those permitted encampments, who endures the lawsuits? Why would stringent building codes, imposed with great cost to everyone else, be waived for a ‘dignity camp’?

What about the danger to the rest of society as addicts ‘find’ the money they need to feed their addiction? Welfare does not cut a cheque big enough to keep the dealers in their flashy lifestyles, addicts resort to theft, prostitution and drug dealing to get that money.

We need to help the poor for sure and the money is there alright. While almost 50% of our wages flow into the public purse, government folk lavish immoral amounts on themselves.

But people who wreak havoc on society must be restrained. Demanding that we ‘respect’, and enable people to live on public land in such squalor and filth, while they engage in crime to feed their addictions, is absurd.