Subject:  To MLA Darryl Plecas:  Excerpt from The Times  “B.C. Supreme Court Justice Brian Joyce found that the rights of Godwin Cheng were violated during the execution of a search warrant…..and that the evidence seized should be excluded.”

Darryl:  You are my new MLA.  Can you tell me at what point a judge in BC is declared ‘senile’, or brain-damaged, or perhaps in the pay of organized crime?  This account in ‘The Times’ is appalling and you folk who govern this province cannot just let such asinine judgments go unchallenged…(Tuesday, Nov. 12th)   …………..
“Court heard that Cheng and Bacon were associates and that part of the grounds for the search of Cheng’s home included an investigation into Bacon’s suspected drug activity.
Cheng was seen picking up Bacon in front of another Abbotsford home, located on Winfield Drive, and the two men were later stopped and arrested.
Inside the vehicle were small quantities of crack cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy, in addition to $10,000 in cash.
A search of the Winfield home located 48 half-pound bags of dried marijuana bud, two 9-mm machine guns and ammunition, an RCMP uniform, body armour, two handguns, a silencer and photos of Cheng with Bacon and other known criminals.
Charges related to the search of the vehicle and the Winfield home against Cheng, Bacon and a third accused were dismissed by an Abbotsford judge in 2008 after it was found the searches were not properly conducted.”
B.C. Supreme Court Justice Brian Joyce is an affront to the word ‘JUSTICE’.