My response to a blogger who remarked that (as a Biblical creationist) I must believe in “magic” . . .


  • Richard Peachey

    You live in a glass house, Michael, and therefore you should not be throwing stones. Let’s talk about the “magic” accepted by adherents of a secular/evolutionist worldview.

    First of all, you accept that Something can magically appear from Nothing. For no good reason, a tiny particle or region appeared, a hundred billion times smaller than a proton. Then, for no good reason, the particle or region expanded, many times faster than the speed of light. Then, for no good reason, that inflationary period ended and the expansion continued at a slower rate.

    This Big Bang “singularity” is inexplicable by known laws of physics. It’s a miraculous, magical event contrary to reason.

    Many secular cosmologists and physicists have even suggested that such events could have occurred repeatedly, up to 10^500 times. (This is according to a version of string theory called ‘M’ theory, which some wags say stands for ‘Magic’.) This proposed “multiverse” is currently unobserved, and may be forever unobservable, but never mind: you believe in magic!

    Secondly, you accept that Life can magically appear from Non-Life. For no good reason, monomers such as amino acids, nucleotides, and sugars joined together into long homochiral polymers, very much contrary to their natural tendency. For no good reason, these polymers collected themselves together into self-replicating entities, beyond what any well-staffed, well-funded twenty-first-century laboratory is able to make happen.

    As former senior science writer at Scientific American (and evolutionist) John Horgan wrote in a 2011 blog, “Geologists, chemists, astronomers and biologists are as stumped as ever by the riddle of life.” The title of his article: “Pssst! Don’t tell the creationists, but scientists don’t have a clue how life began.”

    Thirdly, you accept that amphibians can turn into humans (Frogs into Princes!) given enough of the magical pixie dust called Time. Increased complexity magically appears through processes that in real life are recognized as negative, destructive, and harmful — processes such as Mutation (accidental errors in genetic information) and Natural Selection (including untimely deaths of lots of organisms).

    Evolutionists have often taunted each other for inventing barely plausible, and sometimes contradictory, “Just-So Stories.” On the other hand, they like to taunt creationists for our “incredulity” and “lack of imagination.”

    Creationists, at least, can point to a supernatural Agent who has the ability to make supernatural events occur. But you, the secularist/evolutionist, require unthinking matter and energy to perform magic contrary to their observed natural tendencies and abilities.

    Sorry, we just don’t have enough faith to believe in that kind of magic.