My atheist friend writes: “Can only God create life ?

I know you don’t believe life started by chance but could man create life in a lab?”

Hi AF:  We will never create life ‘ex nihilo’. We can only study, utilize, copy and stand in awe of the design, complexity and artistry in the world around us.

What we don’t understand about the things we can handle, dissect, emulate, hybridize would fill mountains of volumes.  But God has given us such wonderful minds and the curiosity to study his works.  Learning, understanding science gives most of us a sense of joy in achievement, in mastering information, and in harnessing nature.

But we are not God, the original Creator.

However, let’s grant you the possibility that we could create life from scratch.  No cheating and using a smidgen of the existing complex life forms already there, of course.

If it did occur, the process would involve a lot of time, energy, understanding, resources and money.   This would by no means be an example of something occurring through random, chance, naturalistic chemical processes.    Gerda       See  cartoon below.


“If I can just synthesize life here ….. then I’ll have proven that no intelligence was necessary to form life in the beginning!”