And a couple of comments following Mike Archer’s post.

  1. kagey1

    Bad decisions were made, we get it! This is a problem, we know!! We’re the choir, we’ve heard all your sermons. But endless complaining about a fait accompli doesn’t fix anything. Pointing out the shortcomings of others isn’t a gift. It might make more people get angry and stay away, which only makes a real and existing problem worse. So instead of just repeatedly recounting what’s wrong in Abbotsford, what’s wrong with city council, what’s wrong with the ABDA, what’s wrong with the print media, here’s a thought. Offer some realistic suggestions to make things better. And don’t just tell the others how they have to change. For instance, suggest what could be done to reduce the bailouts Abbotsford taxpayers provide the Heat. Like maybe report what a great brand of hockey it is, how it’s entertaining, how it’s a chance to see tomorrow’s NHL stars, and all for a reasonably priced night out in a fantastic facility. Try being part of the solution instead of just pointing fingers. I’m getting really tired of the persistent negativity produced by Abbotsford Today. I was a fan, but you’re losing me. Okay, end of my rant. How do you feel about that? Probably the way many of us feel after your endless tirades…

  2. Sorry to upset you. Facts are facts. Media are supposed to report them. That’s what we do. If you’ll notice we’ve published six stories about the Heat so far this season. Only one of those – this one – was a ‘negative’ short factual story about the fact that, despite the great hockey on the ice, we still can’t get people to come out to the games. The News and the Times take care of publishing enough happy news about Abbotsford to make the tooth fairy diabetic. Sorry to inject a modicum of reality into the discussion. If we wanted to be the News or the Times we would have castrated ourselves and jumped into of sycophant pool years ago.
    We regularly point out that ending the subsidy would save the taxpayers $10 million a year, closing the arena until a good deal can be made, would save taxpayers money …
    Abbotsford Today has more good to say about the Abbotsford Heat in our Sports Section than the two papers combined. In our Politics Section we treat them like what they are – the biggest waste of taxpayer funds on a private business in the Lower Mainland.
    Maybe the fact we are still talking about this seven years after Plan A and four years after George Peary’s Deal and nobody has still had the courage to deal with it is an indication someone should still be talking about it.
    Re-read the first line of the column.

  3. Gerda Peachey
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.Hello Kagey: On the surface you make good sense. It was a dumb deal, we’re stuck with it, get over it.  But are we doomed to being locked into this one-sided dream deal?
    Here’s an excerpt between me and Bruce Banman, Oct. 9/12……..
    5. What is the date by which you must notify Global Spectrum that you will, or will not renew their contract/agreement?BB: There is an agreement in place until 2019 without an early termination clause.

    6. What is the date by which you must notify the private owners of the Abbotsford Heat hockey team that you will or will not renew their contract/agreement?

    BB: There is an agreement in place until 2019 without an early termination clause.

    7. How much did it cost the City for the consultant who advised that Council should receive an automatic, annual raise?

    BB: It was under $10 thousand. This was reported publicly.

    However a reading of the contracts specifies that notice must be given a year in advance of termination. But though our council was out of their league, as they merrily consigned all of us to deals with very alert operators who are in this for profit, (theirs – not ours), there are some expectations written into those contracts. Global Spectrum has not delivered at all well, yet our city allows these deals to go unchallenged.

    The concern here is that unless the community keeps these very bad contracts in the light, council will just roll them over.

    Municipal councils should not be in the business of big-name entertainment. Bruce will say, well what then? Do we just fill the AESC with cement? No need to do that. There’s enough cement in some of the heads at City Hall. I think we should put it on the market, sell it to the highest bidder, and take our losses.

    In the long run, having AESC under the City, which in turn gives it over to Global Spectrum, while of course Abbotsford taxpayers must pay the big capital cost loan, and huge maintenance……just get this albatross off our necks. If it can be made profitable, the private folk are the only ones who can make that happen.