unnamed-1Unknown-2imagesUnknown-1images-9images-5images-8images-1imagesOn a geology tour that took us to Ulrich’s Fossil Beds (Green River Formation) in Wyoming, one of our fellow travellers bought an exquisitely preserved fossil dragonfly for $800.00, a steep price, but worth it.

http://www.ulrichsfossilgallery.com/history.html and  http://orerockon.com/Green%20River%20fossils.htm

The fossil dragonfly was larger than this little one on my computer but there was no mistaking that it was a modern dragonfly.  Though the fossil was dated at millions of years, no change had occurred from that purported age to this present day.  The advertising for Ulrich’s focuses mainly on fish but those beds are rich in a wide diversity of plant and animal life.

British Columbia also has billions of perfectly preserved fossils in Field, Princeton, Cache Creek, just to name a few.  Lots of plants a gardener would recognize as unchanged in our yards and parks.

What evolutionists want us to believe is that the fossils show a gradual change, an increase in complexity, with one life form transforming over time into ever more complex forms.  They insist the lower rock layers are separated by vast amounts of time from the top layers. The magic wand is time,———-as much as the story-tellers want or need.

But no amount of time will ever produce the complexity, artistry, diversity and obvious design found in the symbiotic, amazing plant and animal life teeming on earth.  We see clear evidence of life that has gone extinct in the impressions left in the rock, just as older folk can attest to plants and animals going extinct within their lifetime.

The process imagined by evolutionists is clumsy and stupid, a story concocted by sinful humanity’s feeble attempt to deny their Creator and Lord.

When we hold fossils in our hand we are not seeing their birth, and their journey through life.  Fossils are the story of the organisms’ death and burial, and that story is almost always in the context of a watery matrix.  Fossils are almost always found in sedimentary deposits.  The neat ‘geologic column’ so prominent in school text books is not so ‘neat’ in the real rock formations.  When fossils do not cooperate with the nice story, and appear out of order, or even topsy-turvey, they are simply said to be anomalies.  Don’t let the facts ruin a good story.  Fossils shout of a catastrophic, global event.  Earth’s geology points to a time of volcanic activity and massive flooding on a scale not seen by modern man.

Dinosaur graveyards are found all over the earth.  They were captured in life and slammed into a cementing matrix, and buried rapidly.  The supposed death by meteorites is just silly.  A meteorite would have enormous heat that would vaporize everything around it, the dinosaurs and every other living thing in that vicinity.

Mount St. Helen’s was a ‘small’ volcanic eruption.  The heat vaporized magnificent tall trees in the central zone, as well as David Johnston,  the volcanologist who stayed to report on the progress of the mountain’s swelling.

Evolutionists demand the right to brainwash our children that all life is the result of evolution.  Some will pretend that you can hold on to your ‘religious’ faith in the Creator, but of course they know the thinking mind will have to decide for God and his ‘Creation ex nihilo’, or reject him and his word to embrace ‘science’.  Material somehow came into being, somehow sorted itself into ever greater complexity, and somehow we arrived, the apex of evolution, and at death we’ll just rot back to material.  No soul, no after-life, no day of reckoning before our just Creator.

So I ask, when you look at the Mac Computer, which is a marvel of man’s ingenuity and intelligence and creativity, – then look at the dragonfly, which according to the ‘just-so’ stories of evolution somehow, someway, by golly pulled itself up by its bootstraps and emerged from other, lower life forms, ––  which of those two things is more complex?

Can all the greatest scientists and inventors combine their skill to create a living dragonfly?

(As you look at these fossilized dragonflies, think about all the insects you see that have died.  Then think about how rapidly those insects disappear as the cycle of life and death and renewal begins immediately upon the death of  a creature.  Were it not so our world would be a heaping pile of dead bodies, and life would not be possible.  God renews the face of the earth as dead creatures are cleared away by that amazing process whereby everything returns to the earth and instead of rot and stench we have soft beautiful soil, verdant grass and beautiful flowers.

Then think about the billions upon billions of delicate insects and flowers found with astounding preservation of detail, frozen in stone, all over the world, and ask yourself what could possibly have captured so many living things, in the midst of vibrant life and slammed them into cementing slurries, in sedimentary deposits all over the globe.

The answer is there in God’s word.  Only the catastrophism of the Biblical flood explains this rock-hard data.)

“I am He, I am the first, I am also the last. Surely My hand founded the earth, and My right hand spread out the heavens;”

“And My glory I will not give to another.”  – Isaiah 48