Despite the fact that the current mayor and council in Abbotsford favour caving in to the demands of Fraser Health and the pressure from drug addicts, our city is now being sued by Pivot Legal Society.  Peter Bernstein their lawyer agrees that,… “Access to health care for drug users, should not be up for a public vote.”
We are talking here about illegal drug use.  Abbotsford is being pressured to provide clean needles and assorted paraphernalia to enable people trapped in the horror of addictions to stay in that trap. 
When questioned as to where addicts will get the money to fill those nice clean free (to them) needles, Fraser Health and their supporters give no answer.  But the answer is all around us – in the pilfered mail-boxes,  broken car doors and windows, vandalized homes and street thuggery.  
I’m waiting for Fraser Health to next suggest that in order to keep drug-addicts satisfied and neighbourhoods safe at the same time, we will just all have to give more tax money, to pay for the drugs, to fill their clean needles. 
James Breckenridge (‘Setting aside facts – May 28/13 – Abbotsford News) is motivated by genuine care for his friends, — but his is wrong.
Supplying addicts with the means to keep them in bondage to their addictions is wrong.  What works is abstinence.  We need to give addicts enormous help in housing, counselling, rehabilitation, but not freely hand them the tools of continued enslavement.
Fraser Health, Pivot and James say that Abbotsford’s attempt to stop needle exchange is the reason addicts have life-threatening diseases.  NO.  That is complete nonsense.   Abbotsford’s policy is not to blame for the misery of drug addicts. The reason for those diseases and death is the degeneration of health that follows increasing drug use.  Council was right to try to prevent needle-exchange.
I’ve sat in on a lot of abstinence programs over this past decade.  A frequent phrase there is that addictions lead to ‘jails, institutions and death’.
Thousands of people who climb their way out of the horror of addictions say that enabling their use just kept them in that bondage.
Drugs are illegal because they destroy lives, they rip families apart.  To say as James does that we are denying health care, is to twist the meaning of those words.