To Anne Russell at UFV (and copied to the Cascade)…………”Hello Anne:  Just received this note from a rather liberal friend:

‘I’ve read the Cascade a few times, years ago, and I was absolutely shocked at the content and the language.  Not because such things can be printed in a magazine as I do believe that there is the right to print such crap, but that it is printed by a University and by the journalism students.  Most of the writing in the Cascade had absolutely nothing to do with University studies or responsible living for younger students and was the absolute lowest journalism I have ever read.  And I was very accustomed, at that time, with having to regularly read my kids’ elementary school-level offerings.” 

I’ve read with amazement the choking off pro-life messages at other universities, and now this cheap feigned outrage at ‘offensive material’ has come to UFV.

The Cascade is spread liberally all over every UFV campus.  While it may contain good literature on occasion, that is not the norm.  It most certainly contains foul, filthy and degrading words and images.

That seems to be a badge of honour for the newspapers of places of ‘higher learning’, but surely to then meouw about the mere possibility that pro-lifers may offend or hurt feelings, shows UFV to be really biased and totally unfair.

I think the Cascade stinks most of the time, but surely if you allow such filth, you cannot shut down the pro-life message.  Not even if it should display photographs of what was once real live human babies who have been killed within their mother’s wombs.


That is the real truth you (UFV) want to suppress.   Gerda Peachey