The upside-down-world of ‘pro-abortion’ people.

Freedom of speech is great – until you challenge abortion rhetoric. But ‘pro-choice’ – for whom? Certainly not for the baby that is killed by being cut to pieces, or burned with salt, within its mother’s womb.Choices should be made before such awful consequences result from unwanted pregnancies.In the upside-down-world of pro-abortion, you can slaughter pre-born infants – right up to the last full-term moment in Canada. There are no laws on our books because of the abject cowardice at the Federal Government level.But woe betide anyone who says, “Look at this child, that you just killed.”Garbage bags full of broken little bodies, kept out of our sight…. keep hiding the reality of abortion, you ‘pro-choicers’.
You must not look. You must not think.   You must not see the truth behind the white-washed propaganda.
Tiny, little, white wooden crosses on a farmer’s field outrage our sensibilities, but the slaughter of babies does not.
What an insane, upside-down-world pro-abortion people live in.
Gerda Peachey

Article from the Province newspaper:  A farmer’s field in Abbotsford has become the latest battle zone in the abortion debate.

The opposing sides on the issue are at odds over planned signage and an existing row of crosses in a field adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway near Sumas Way.Letters have been sent to Abbotsford’s politicians asking that the small white crosses placed in rows in a field and any planned signs be removed.Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, sent Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman and city council a letter Tuesday asking that the crosses and any signage be removed from a farmer’s field in the 35100-block South Parallel Road.”Each of the erected crosses in the field is meant to represent a woman’s abortion,” Arthur noted in the letter. “But many women having abortions are not Christian and would find it doubly offensive to have their abortion represented by a cross.”Together, the sign and crosses are a misappropriation of a woman’s private experience that is absolutely no one’s business … We believe therefore, that the city’s approval of the sign is an act of discrimination against women.”The city should foster a community culture that respects women’s rights and freedoms by not approving initiatives that directly oppose these values and existing law.”The field of crosses is called The Cemetery of the Innocent. According to Abbotsford Right to Life Society spokesman Jared White, there are 1,862 little white crosses on the property. He said that’s the number of abortions performed in a week in Canada.White said each year they erect two signs on the private property. A pair of signs are expected to be put up by Friday. One will say: Choosing Abortions stops a beating heart – and the other sign says: Pregnant? Need Help? Call 1-877-888-woman.White said in past years there hasn’t been any negative feedback.”For the most part there has not been much controversy over it,” he said. “Usually we get positive feedback from the community.”Our motivation is to help women. We are not out to offend anyone. We are quite open and happy to speak with anyone on this topic.”Abbotsford resident Kim Stuckless said she would like to see any signs and the crosses removed from the field.”I am … offended by it,” said Stuck-less. “I don’t think it is appropriate for city council to allow it. There are people who don’t want this display.”Banman said the signs on the property in the past haven’t contravened city bylaws. And because the signs and crosses are on private property, he said there is little they can do.”It is not in violation of any sign bylaw,” he said.Arthur said they want the field cleared of the material.”It is upsetting people,” she
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