I am a peripheral politician.  I am probably as intelligent as Jack Knox, and I am likely no more or less of a nut job than he is.

There are brilliant men and women worldwide, who believe this incredibly complex universe was created by the God of Scripture.  The God who has deigned to speak to us, and to tell us a little of what he did at creation.

He created us in his image, and we can study his creation.  We can touch it, feel it, and try to replicate his works and harness what he has made for our use.

Evolutionist try to indoctrinate us in their ‘just so stories’, to believe a simplistic scenario of a ‘simple’ life form, ever transforming itself upward and onward.  This mantra is based on zealous religious belief, but not on a shred of observable, repeatable science.  In fact evolution flies in the face of all we know about real science.

The entire City of New York, and every man-made object in it, cannot hold a candle to ‘the simple bacterium’.  Teaching children they are merely the end result of purely naturalistic progression of simple to complex life forms, is a gross lie.

Real science leads you to the ultimate scientist.